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When a human and a dog join in attention, both are able to read the other's intentions to a certain extent. Whether a dog takes our mental state into consideration, we can only speculate, but as humans we definitely think about what is going on inside the minds of others.

This is called theory of mind reasoning, and it is this mentalizing ability that captures best what it is to be human.


AT THE CENTER FOR APPLIED THEORY OF MIND we are dedicated to introducing mentalization and related theory of mind concepts to the general public, extending familiarity with these fascinating concepts and promoting the practice of mentalization and theory of mind reasoning beyond the clinical and scientific environments.



WE TRANSLATE CUTTING EDGE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH in the fields of mentalization and theory of mind into actionable mentalization insights and tools that empower people to navigate social situations effectively. These insights and tools are made available in the form of publications, online inventories and online and onsite training.

MENTALIZATION MAKES IT POSSIBLE to truly understand what is going on in our own mind and in the minds of others. At the Center for Applied Theory of Mind we show people how to gain and use these insights to better predict and explain human behavior and to prepare and respond appropriately. This insightful social intelligence makes people powerful social actors. 

WE BELIEVE THAT MENTALIZATION IS QUICKLY BECOMING the most valued competence in relation to social interaction. Research shows that we are significantly more effective in shaping our social environment and achieving our personal and shared objectives when we:

  • Have an acute awareness of our own mental states and those of others 

  • Accurately infer the motivations and intentions of ourselves and others 

  • Accurately explain the past behavior of ourselves and others

  • Accurately predict the future behavior of ourselves and others

  • Have well developed social competencies to act upon these social perceptions

OUR SERVICES ARE MADE FOR anyone who is looking to enhance the following aspects of their life:

ENHANCING MENTALIZATION COMPETENCY is a matter of leveraging the abilities that we already have at our disposal, and applying them to achieve our fullest potential. Our publications, inventories and training courses offer an exciting, empowering and affordable way to invest in your personal growth and ability to create a rewarding social environment for yourself and others.


WE PROMOTE THE ENHANCEMENT OF MENTALIZATION to benefit personal and professional interactions outside of the clinical practice. We also offer training services for integrating mentalization into therapeutic and coaching practices. Learn more about the founders of the Center for Applied Theory of Mind by clicking the "about" button below.

Our articles provides real-life examples of how you can apply mentalization.

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