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Our services, inventories and courses are based on scientific research that we have translated and assembled in our Mastering Mentalization Series that we have published. 

The order buttons above take you to the order page. If you would rather order your book from another Amazon territory, for example, you can copy the blue ISBN number of your chosen book and paste it into the search field of the desired Amazon ordering page. If you are unable to order from Amazon for any reason, contact us by email ( and we will ship a copy directly to you.

Mastering Mentalization: Complete Volume

Hardcover ISBN: 9789895369119 

Paperback ISBN: 9789895369102 

Mastering Mentalization: Volume I, Basic Mentalizing

Paperback ISBN: 9789895369126 

Mastering Mentalization: Volume II, Affective Mentalizing

Paperback ISBN: 9789895369133 

Mastering Mentalization: Volume III, Strategic Mentalizing

Paperback ISBN: 9789895369140

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