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Affective Mentalizing Inventory


The AMI™ assessment provides insight into your current affective mentalizing tendencies and skills, such as: • Your level of comfort in sharing your own emotions and dealing with the affect (emotions, feelings, or moods) of others • Your understanding of affects, your own and those of others • Your ability to employ both affective empathy and cognitive empathy • Your level of empathic distress • Your tendency to act with compassion towards others • Your employment of self-compassion • Your ability to share and explain emotional experiences clearly and appropriately • Your ability to send clear affective messages to influence the behavior of others • Your ability to receive affective messages from others in a way that facilitates understanding of their needs Our inventories are eclectic research instruments based on various theories, and supported by a wide body of scientific research. The insights derived from our assessment will assist you in designing a roadmap to bridge any gaps in your skill set, and pursuing the most suitable advice, training and/or counseling program offered by the Center for Applied Theory of Mind. This inventory will remain accessible for 7 days, after which you may need to re-enroll.




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