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AMC Module 2. Empathy and Compassion


COURSE COMPONENTS: 2 Videos 1 Theory exercise 2 Preparation exercises (establishing a baseline) 3 Observation exercises 2 Practice exercises 2 Evaluation exercises (assessing your learning progress) COURSE DURATION: 9 hours - The course is self-paced, so the stated duration is an estimate - You will have access to this course for a period of 12 months from date of purchase COURSE SUBJECTS: 1. Progressing from basic mentalizing to affective mentalizing 2. Empathy and compassion guided by affective mentalizing 3. Affective and cognitive empathy 4. Empathic distress, empathy fatigue and compassion fatigue 5. Other- and self-compassion LEARNING OUTCOMES: • Understand when and how to progress from basic mentalizing to affective mentalizing • Employ both affective empathy and cognitive empathy and flexibly switch between these two levels of empathy • Keep mentalizing faculties accessible when faced with emotionally charged circumstances • Understand of how to approach people who are suffering or struggling with affective mentalizing • Mentalize about the needs of others and provide them with appropriate empathic and compassionate support • Use self-compassion to reduce levels of empathic distress and to prevent negative self-focus • Recognize, prevent, and address empathy fatigue and compassion fatigue




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