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SMC Module 3. Perspective Gaining and Shifting


COURSE COMPONENTS: 2 Videos 1 Theory exercise 2 Preparation exercises (establishing a baseline) 1 Observation exercises 3 Practice exercises 2 Evaluation exercises (assessing your learning progress) COURSE DURATION: 10 hours - The course is self-paced, so the stated duration is an estimate - You will have access to this course for a period of 12 months from date of purchase COURSE SUBJECTS: 1. Inviting, guiding and observing self-disclosures and narrative sharing 3. Perspective gaining 2. Perspective shifting 3. Attributional complexity and biases 4. Predicting and explaining behavior LEARNING OUTCOMES: • Invite and guide people to share their perspectives through narratives and self-disclosures • Decode narratives and self-disclosures to clarify your own perspectives and those of others• Understand the difference between perspective taking, gaining and shifting and know how to use each competency • Improve mental state reasoning skills through complex attributional thinking, analytical thinking and metacognitive thinking • Enhance cognitive control and flexibility in support of strategic mentalizing • Leverage mental state reasoning to explain and predict behavior




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