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AMC Module 1. Attitude Toward Affect and Affective Understanding


COURSE COMPONENTS: 2 Videos 1 Theory exercise 2 Preparation exercises (establishing a baseline) 3 Observation exercises 3 Practice exercises 2 Evaluation exercises (assessing your learning progress) COURSE DURATION: 8 hours - The course is self-paced, so the stated duration is an estimate - You will have access to this course for a period of 12 months from date of purchase COURSE SUBJECTS: 1. Affective style and attachment style 2. Affective environments 3. Personality traits and affect 4. Interpreting affective experiences from verbal and nonverbal affect indicators 5. Attributing causes to affective states LEARNING OUTCOMES: • Develop insight into how your affective attitude is shaped by your experiences • Deal comfortably with the full spectrum of affective mental states (emotions, moods and feelings) in yourself and others • Exercise command over your affective attitude and behavior to help keep your mentalizing abilities online • Hone your affective self-understanding and ability to apply complex affective self-mentalizing • Know how to mentalize on an affective level about the full breadth of affects that people can experience




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