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Strategic Mentalizing Inventory


The SMI™ assessment provides insight into your current strategic mentalizing competencies by examining the following: • Your awareness of the motivational impetus for engaging in strategic mentalizing • Whether your strategic mentalization is driven by a need to control situations • Your belief in the effectiveness of strategic mentalizing • Your proficiency in extracting indicators that reveal primary mental states such as affects (emotions, feelings, or moods), desires, beliefs, and level of knowledge, from verbal behavior of others • Your ability to infer complex mental states such as intentions, motivations, and attitudes from primary mental state indicators • Your ability to infer from verbal behavior the willingness of others to cooperate/affiliate, or their intention to compete/socially distance • Your ability to infer personality traits from verbal behavior • Your ability to understand others' perspectives, hold multiple perspectives in mind, and flexibly shift between them • The extent to which you seek to understand the causes of others' behavior and your willingness to consider alternative explanations for behavior • Your ability and motivation to influence others • Your susceptibility to the influence of others and your ability to resist unwanted influence. Our inventories are eclectic research instruments based on various theories, and supported by a wide body of scientific research. The insights derived from our assessment will assist you in designing a roadmap to bridge any gaps in your skill set, and pursuing the most suitable advice, training and/or counseling program offered by the Center for Applied Theory of Mind. This inventory will remain accessible for 7 days, after which you may need to re-enroll.




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