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BMC Module 1. Embodied Sharing of Affect and Behavior


COURSE COMPONENTS: 2 Videos 1 Theory exercise 2 Preparation exercises (establishing a baseline) 3 Observation exercises 3 Practice exercises 2 Evaluation exercises (assessing your learning progress) COURSE DURATION: 8 hours - The course is self-paced, so the stated duration is an estimate - You will have access to this course for a period of 12 months from date of purchase COURSE SUBJECTS: 1. Mimicry, affective contagion, and behavioral contagion 2. Mental state information extraction from embodied sharing 3. Maintaining self-other distinction 4. Regulation of embodied sharing susceptibility COURSE OUTCOMES: • Understand the human tendency to adopt others' affects (emotions, feelings and moods) and behavior • Gain insight into and control over your tendencies to adopt the affect and behavior of others • Infer the mental states of others by examining the affect and behavior that you have adopted from them • Discern others' intentions to connect, distance, cooperate, or compete • Accurately interpret social dynamics, such as status, preferences, decision-making authority, etc., on the basis of mirroring behavior • Distinguish between your own feelings and actions and those that you adopt from others • Identify the impact that embodied sharing of affects and behavior has on your feelings and actions • Identify and navigate sociocultural differences in behavior and emotions that affect social interaction • Influencing the behavior of others through non-confrontational embodied sharing


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